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About Goiás Internacional

The Government of Goiás, concerned with the best way to meet the demands of foreign businessmen, set up a special service structure, bringing together several State Secretaries, under the leadership of Vice Governorate, so that joint efforts can meet the wishes of those who need qualified information to decide on their investments. The Goiás International initiative brings together efforts by the Secretariat for Industry, Commerce and Services, as well as as well as the Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock and Supply and also the Secretariat for Development and Innovation, in addition to having the support and participation of Goiás Turismo, Companhia de Desenvolvimento Goiás (Codego) and the International Governance Advisory, all gathered under the command of Vice Governorate. The main objective is to meet any demand related to the international area, from purchase products from Goiás by partner countries, opening foreign markets for products from Goiás, entry foreign products in the State of Goiás, investments, innovation, technology, tourism, cooperation and partnerships. For more information, contact us by e-mail



See below some of the publications already produced by the Government of Goiás. These publications have specific information and can be a reference base when there is any doubt on a specific subject. If the doubt persists, be sure to contact us:
  • Go Comex Magazine
  • Trade Balance
  • Agro in Data
  • (IMB material)


Goiás in Data

Goiás em Dados is an initiative of the Mauro Borges Institute, responsible for compiling data

statistical data of the State of Goiás and presents, from different perspectives, socioeconomic information that can

be used in research or as a basis for decision making.

Updating this information is the responsibility of Instituto Mauro Borges

Goiás in Data (Year: 2020)

Useful links
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● Industry, Commerce and Services Secretariat:
● Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply:
● Secretariat for Development and Innovation:
● Goiás Economic Development Company:
● Goiás Turismo:
● Goiás Fomento:
● Instituto Mauro Borges:
● Secretariat of Culture:



Culture in Goiás

Goiás is a state where culture encompasses the most diverse manifestations, from its typical dances as

Catira and Congada, passing by the rich gastronomy and the architecture marked by several traits

with a strong art-deco influence in the capital, Goiânia.

Among the artistic manifestations, we have:

Tapuios Dance, Autos, Folk Dances, Tambor, Congadas, Lundu, Catira, As Pastorinhas and

the Cavalhadas.

One of the biggest music festivals in the country traditionally takes place in Goiás, Vila Mix, which gathers

great names of the most diverse musical styles in the country.

The birthplace of several famous backwoods duos, Goiás also has a good alternative music scene, with

renowned rock festivals, such as Bananada and Vaca Amarela.

Traditionally Goianian cuisine resembles homemade, well-seasoned, high-quality food that brings

comfort. Typical Goian dishes: chicken, goat pie, mush, rice with pequi, meat

tin and fish on the tile.


In addition to traditional flavors, Goiás has some of the best and most refined restaurants in the country, with

renowned chefs working on Goiás soil.


International Schools

Goiás has units from international schools that meet the highest and most demanding standards of


These units have bilingual education, differentiated workload and a grid that places them among the

best schools in the country, providing quality education to prepare children for the challenges

transforming them into global citizens.

The great concern of those who have a family is to be sure of offering quality education for

your children. This is one of the main doubts of those who wish to settle in Goiás and, with the

presence of high-level international schools, has met and exceeded the expectations of executives and

entrepreneurs who are settling in here.


Quality of life

Goiás is a state of the interior, with the comforts existing in large metropolises. The capital, Goiânia, has
one of the best afforestation rates in the country, with parks, shopping malls, bars, restaurants and
an active cultural scene.
The interior has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country, with waterfalls, hills, valleys, rivers and
countless activities related to ecotourism.
Here we produce good cachaças and we started the development of a wine industry, full of
potential. We even have some of the best craft beers in the country being made on Goiás soil.
The gastronomy of the State is impressive for its aromas and flavors, as well as for the abundance and good will
at the table, characteristics of the people of Goiás.
As a characteristic, we have a welcoming, warm, kind and simple people. Dedicated to good friendships
and who understands the value of spending quality time with friends and family.
The quality of life in the State of Goiás is among the best in the country and, objectively, tends to improve
In the next years.

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